20th November – the night before departure

So, here we are. Sitting in a hotel room the night before we depart for Mumbai, India.

It feels like a lifetime ago we decided to knock ‘it’ (normality, if such a thing exists) all on the head and go away for a bit. There is a bit of apprehension from both of us but mixed with a buzz and excitement that is hard to explain. I keep thinking that I will be back in a couple of weeks rather than 6 months’ time, when the British weather is warmer, plants and trees are in full bloom and Liverpool are on their way to winning the league*

So, an introduction. This blog can be summed up from the title. Me, a white 33 year old English female travelling South East Asia for half a year with Stevie D in tow (or is it me in tow?!). How often I update the blog will depend on the wifi connection (patchey in India apparently), how sick I get (bound to happen!) and how much partying we undertake (hoping for a detox, but we’ll see).

This is my experience of being a White Girl in Asia – a part of the world that, in some parts, looks up at the ‘white’ and down at the ‘girl’. I’ll tell you about my day-to-day thoughts and observations. With a few photos thrown in of course.

Happy reading!

* at least one of these things won’t happen, I know



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