22nd November – Send me home please!

Only joking. (kinda). Within 24 hours I’ve almost cried, had an argument with Steve (already?!), and spent a week’s worth of spending money.

We arrived at our first hotel in Colaba, Mumbai at 2am in the morning, to be told they were not expecting us and no booking was made. Fun times! Don’t ever book with Expedia btw, the hotel had told them previously that they were not receiving booking notifications from them. Poor show.

Finally got into our room, which looked like an Austin Powers film set. Mirrors everywhere and a circle bed with silk sheets. No hot water, bathroom was in a filthy condition, stained sheets etc etc so by 11am this morning tensions were high, and both agreed that we needed to find another hotel. But first, let’s checkout …

If you’re not up with world affairs, the Indian Government decided a few weeks back that they were making some bank notes illegal tender (there’s lots of fakes around apparently), so the country has gone into a slight melt down. As with all political changes, people have been panicking and withdrawing huge amounts of money over the last couple of weeks, which has led to a shortage of cash in India! So the current limit that anyone can take out at any time is 2000 rupees, which is the equivalent of £23. You can use your card for most things, but guess what? This awful hotel accepted CASH ONLY.


The saving grace today was Uber, we used it three times today due to not having any cash, all for around £1 a journey. In the mad streets of Mumbai it’s been fantastic, and something that we will continue to use.

By mid-afternoon we had not eaten for almost 20 hours, had been given an OK for a hotel on booking.com only to arrive and be told they didn’t have that  particular room available. They offered another room in the older section of the building. I didn’t see it, but Steve said it was worse than the last gaff (!), so off we go again…

We decided ‘enough was enough’ and checked into the five star Trident Hotel, which for one night cost us the same for a week in most places. We didn’t care, needed it, although the nieces and nephews won’t be getting presents for Christmas now!

So all in all, an eventful 24hrs, and have not seen anything of Mumbai accept ATMs and the inside of Uber cabs, but its India, its hard work, we expected this. It’s also very hard to lose your temper as the staff in all hotels, shops, banks etc are sooooo friendly. We’re in India – deal with it and carry on.

A summary:

Places – Colaba Social. Cool little European-style café, great butter chicken biriyani and pancakes : )
Hotel 1 – Blue Bird, Colaba – DO NOT STAY HERE! Unless you’re into that thing.

Hotel 2 – Trident Hotel – do stay here if you have a few hundred quid knocking around. Very nice indeed.

groovy baby!



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