26th – 28th November – ‘I don’t like cricket’

This post is coming to you from a rather chilly 2nd class AC carriage on a train from Mumbai to Aurangabad, 347km west of Mumbai. Same state of Maharashtra.

We’re meddling with the middle class of India, but not the upper class. They take 1st class AC, no less. Just watched the skyline of Mumbai, I reckon it took an hour to get out of the ‘surburbs’ of Mumbai, towerblock after towerblock, with the odd slum dotted around.

We were actually quite sad to say goodbye to our hotel, good bunch of people all looking to practice their English on you. Very much recommended if you are heading to Mumbai. Thanks, Hotel Diplomat!

As mentioned previously, there is a big difference in the distribution of wealth in India. Incredibly wealthy versus the vividly poor. As an outsider, I have to say that there is a lot that the wealthy seem to get away with. Lack of manners, owning the streets with their SUV’s etc. I know within Hindu culture there is still very much a caste system (use the class system in the UK as an example but impossible to escape). I have socialist views so a tad biased, but for a city with more billionaires in it than the entire continent of Asia, there is a lot that the wealthy should be ashamed about. The gap between rich and poor is unlike anywhere else I’ve witnessed.

A week in to our adventure and I’m finally finding myself appreciate time, not feeling guilty about relaxing and not doing anything. Too much of my life was made up of wishing time away, looking at the clock and celebrating 5pm home-time, never really taking the time to focus and unwind. We can all learn from some time away from it all.


Colaba Social: great bar, first hangover of the trip!


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